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Our production coverage allows us to provide services for all CIS countries, Central Asia, the Russian Federation, as well as throughout Eastern Europe

We understand the importance of good exhibition stand design and that's why we cater to brands from various categories, and offer a full range of exhibition services when it comes to exhibition stands.
Our approach is to combine the full potential of our team to inspire the client, the outlined design project and the quality of its execution; even when faced with extremely tight deadlines, no matter what country the exhibition is taking place in - we will consistently deliver your project on time.

Exhibition stands

The goal of every trade show participation is to attract as many potential customers as possible. To help you do this - you will need a choice of exhibition stand design. A good exhibition stand design can liven up any trade show appearance and take your brand to the next level at a trade show or other business event, and choosing the right exhibition stand design depends on selecting the right campaign.

Exhibition operator

As an exhibition operator, we are responsible for a broader range of tasks than conventional exhibition organizers
– Exhibition organization
– Exposition organization
– International cooperation
– PR projects + Marketing campaigns
– It activities
– Organization of related activities


Event decoration

We emerged from the entertainment and production industry, where artistic and technical expertise come together to bring events to life, no matter what the venue. As event organizers and developers in general, the value of experience is your valuable currency. With extensive experience in international trade shows, we get along well with media and brand marketing.
Thanks to this, we realize your creative idea or ambitious concept in the smallest detail so that every guest feels inspired.