Brief of the work to be done

We believe the best way to enhance your organization's life in the minds of your audience is to engage with them through live events and activities.

When working with all of our clients, we assist companies and identify their primary and prioritized goals and objectives. After clearly defined missions, we draw up unique terms of reference for the execution of all work. While creating the booth, division of the booth into different zones is done to maximize efficiency. At the final stage, the project delivery date is approved and the entire work begins.

All-inclusive development

Our company also provides various additional services, such as renting furniture for a comfortable exhibition and a variety of floristry to create a favorable atmosphere. It is also available to rent equipment to create all the necessary conditions, such as refrigerators, racks, coolers, coffee machines, dishes and many other things.

Additional services

An important factor is the possibility to conclude a contract with a hostess with suitable language skills for the full event. Printing of polygraphy, video shooting of the exhibition and stand installation and many other additional services you can get in cooperation with our company.


A unique design made with an individual approach to each client will be your unique feature at any exhibition. Each stand is customized to each company and highlights their main characteristic features along with the least noticeable details. During the creation process - each stand is subjected to many approvals and undergoes various revisions according to the requested changes to achieve the best result.

Technical documentation

Our work involves obtaining many official papers and less important details. It is on our shoulders to secure, pass through and obtain all necessary documents, accreditations in accordance and coordination with the rules of each of the exhibition centers or exhibition organizers.

Contract conclusion

Documentation of design approval with organizers and the exhibition center, including certificates and approvals as required, as well as contracting and more.

Preparing and starting work

Each created stand goes through many important stages of creation. Preparation for creation and the beginning of work is performed after the creation of the terms of reference and approval of all revisions and features of the stand. Delivery of the entire project is carried out in accordance with the agreed design project and the contract created in advance, and in the final stage the signing of the certificate of completed work is performed.

Dismantling and nice bonuses

After the end of an exhibition, show or other event, the subsequent dismantling, transportation, storage, disposal and re-installation of the entire stand is carried out in accordance with the previously agreed conditions. Our company provides various pleasant bonuses from working with us and transfers them at its discretion to various customers.