The company " SAYS " holds the world standards of high quality

Growing up into a major global player in the construction of exhibition stands, we are proud of every project accomplished.

Having specialized knowledge and passion for details, we manufacture complex and unusual constructions – all over the world. We motivated by the goal to integrate with customers to study the scope of your industry, the culture of the country in which the exhibition is held, as well as its economy.

Our skill is to combine the full potential of our team members to inspire the customer, guided by innovative design and quality of performance, even faced with extremely tough deadlines, in all corners of the globe – we will actualize Your project consistently and on time.

A team of proactive, focused and enthusiastic professionals

The personal approach is in our blood and determines the identity of our company.

Since the moment when we decided to expand our business unto international level, we identified the primary rule: Our clients should always feel as a welcome friend. It means due confession, evaluation and personal contact point. Especially this principle of personal contact point make certain of that we will work every time with big enthusiasm.

We are passionate about our work and we are fond of actively suggest the full pocket of our exhibition services, in order to take care of everything related of your participations at the exhibition:

  • affirmation and accreditation
  • request for construction
  • cables and engineering
  • design, logistics, food and cleaning

We created our perfect working environment

Annually, we receive dozens of awards for “creative and innovative” exhibition stands, as well as for providing the best “image style”.

Territorially our office is located in Tashkent, but we cooperate with our customers all over the world. Having foreign accounts of the company in China, Indonesia, Riga and Russia we, thus, create more convenience for close cooperation. We speak with YOU in English, Turkish, French, Chinese, Russian and Uzbek languages.

Our clients consist of both large global corporations from overseas and local small enterprises in all industries. Moreover, we cooperate as a production partners, with fellow developers from other countries.