Exhibition Operator

As an exhibition operator, we are responsible for a wider range of tasks than ordinary exhibition organizers

The Exhibition Operator SAYS

The competence and experience of SAYS allows us to qualitatively implement all aspects of the preparation and holding of the exhibition.

We have the necessary resources at our disposal to ensure the processes associated with an event of almost any scale


Organization of the exhibition

– Selection of a place, coordination of conditions
– Making estimates
– Search and negotiations with potential participants
– Signing of contracts
– Formation of a database of partners and clients

The formation of the exposition

– Development of the layout of pavilions and expositions
– Design and design
– Purchase or lease of equipment for stands
– Production of stands
– Installation work
– Branding of the site

International cooperation

– Work with potential foreign exhibitors, both individual industry associations and their agents;
– Advertising of domestic organizations in foreign publications with the appropriate specialization;
– Formation of joint expositions of national organizations at foreign thematic exhibitions

PR Projects

– Implementation of a full cycle of communication management, starting with the development of the concept and ending with the organization of an advertising campaign;
– Formation of advertising materials: texts, press releases, analytical articles for publication in thematic periodicals or on websites.

Marketing campaigns

– Promotional mailings
– Events to attract corporate–level customers
- Internet marketing
– Sale of promotional and souvenir products

It activities

– Website creation, administration and promotion;
– Promotional mailing
lists – Development of special programs and mobile applications.
– Maintenance of computer and office equipment as well as local area networks used in exhibition activities

Organization of related activities

– Organization of b2b meetings
– Transfers, hotel reservations and accommodation of exhibitors and VIP-class visitors;
– Visa support and resolution of customs issues, both for clients and for the exhibited objects.
– Translators, security

General questions

– Dismantling: Organization and control over the dismantling of stands and equipment.
– Sending materials to participants: Providing photo and video materials to participants and clients.
– Analysis and reporting: Collecting feedback, analyzing the results of the exhibition, preparing reports.
– Accounting and legal closure of the project: Financial accounting, tax issues and legal closure of the project.

Our regular customers

For many years our company has been cooperating with companies from various fields and spheres. We are trusted by many corporations from many countries around the world. Turning to us - you get our most effective work and quality fulfillment of all necessary goals.

An international marketing campaign conducted by the Government of India since 2002 to promote and develop tourism in India on a global level.

As one of the first gas generator set manufacturers in the world, ACSA has maintained its superiority. AKSA is continually increasing its investment in technology to produce quieter, more environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient generators.

Bitek is one of the leading companies on the market selling paint, which we often use in our daily work with stands. The company wanted a design reminiscent of a home interior. The main goal was to make the stand practical and reusable. The result of our work was an award for the best design project.

TECHNA is one of the world's leading companies in the design and manufacture of cage equipment used in industrial poultry production. Since its foundation, ТЕХНА products have won the recognition of agrarians in more than 20 countries of the world. Cage equipment produced under the TEXNA brand is popular among agro-industrialists in Europe and Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Captivating and fascinating design made in a modest, but stylish and pleasant decoration created a cozy area filled with Uzbek spirit. The bright combination of styles and colors created an atmosphere of spiritual Uzbekistan and its special style.

The stand was designed in the style and spirit of Uzbekistan and folk customs. Famous styles of ornamentation, multimedia works, many different booklets and areas on the stand were customized according to the technical order and became a pearl at the ongoing exhibition.

Despite the small area, the main task for us was to make our stand stand stand out among the large stands of our competitors. The result of the exhibition was an award for the best design project at the MiningMetals international exhibition.

Despite the small area, the main task for us was to make our stand stand stand out among the large stands of our competitors. The result of the exhibition was an award for the best design project at the MiningMetals international exhibition.