About our company

We believe in a combination of superior design and professional project management to ensure construction works are truly distinctive and distinctive.

Our story began 6+ years ago in Uzbekistan, and today we are an international company with offices in Tashkent, Moscow, and London.

Each of our projects is based on individual characteristics, and therefore we believe that each brand can tell its unique story and show its peculiarity and difference.

Our advantages

Over the past 5 years, almost not a single major exhibition in Tashkent could have happened without our participation, while we simultaneously worked abroad.

We have experience working at such exhibitions as: Green Week in Germany, Innoprom in Tashkent, TITF in Dubai, Oil and Gaz in Tashkent, Baku and Kazakhstan, Prod Expo in Moscow and many others. During this time, we faced obstacles related to accreditation, customs processes, tight deadlines, design changes ahead of the exhibition, and exhibition postponements. But we always find solutions, which will allow us to be more effective and avoid possible problems in advance.

Approach to working with clients

Thanks to working with the world's leading companies, we have formed our own system of working with clients, which consists of carefully studying all elements of the products produced.


The most valuable resource in our work is time. We always meet deadlines. Our managers, designers and production are in touch with each other 24/7, which allows us to quickly create projects, calculate the cost and approve them with the customer


Work in our sector is often tied to the location of the event and the organizer. By working and following the established rules, we manage to maintain good relationships with all organizations and avoid unnecessary expenses

Own production

Personal production, which we constantly improve, allows us to be independent from other suppliers

Convenience of working with us

Since we have an additional office in Moscow, it is convenient for clients from Russia, Ukraine and Europe to contact the Moscow office, as well as carry out all mutual settlements within the limits of Russian legislation

Design Approach

If the client applies in advance, then two designers work on the project at once in order to show two different visions of one project. Our designers finalize projects until the client’s complete satisfaction, creating an individual product

Products and services

Our production coverage allows us to provide services for all CIS countries, Central Asia, the Russian Federation, as well as throughout Eastern Europe

We understand the importance of good exhibition stand design and that's why we cater to brands from various categories, and offer a full range of exhibition services when it comes to exhibition stands. Our approach is to combine the full potential of our team to inspire the client, the outlined design project and the quality of its execution; even when faced with extremely tight deadlines, no matter what country the exhibition is taking place in - we will consistently deliver your project on time.

Exhibition stands

The goal of every trade show participation is to attract as many potential customers as possible. To help you do this - you will need a choice of exhibition stand design. A good exhibition stand design can liven up any trade show appearance and take your brand to the next level at a trade show or other business event, and choosing the right exhibition stand design depends on selecting the right campaign.

Exhibition operator

As an exhibition operator, we are responsible for a broader range of tasks than conventional exhibition organizers
- Exhibition organization
- Exposition organization
- International cooperation
- PR projects + Marketing campaigns
- It activities
- Organization of related activities


Event decoration

We emerged from the entertainment and production industry, where artistic and technical expertise come together to bring events to life, no matter what the venue. As event organizers and developers in general, the value of experience is your valuable currency. With extensive experience in international trade shows, we get along well with media and brand marketing. Thanks to this, we realize your creative idea or ambitious concept in the smallest detail so that every guest feels inspired.

Brief of the work to be done

We believe the best way to enhance your organization's life in the minds of your audience is to engage with them through live events and activities.

When working with all of our clients, we assist companies and identify their primary and prioritized goals and objectives. After clearly defined missions, we draw up unique terms of reference for the execution of all work. While creating the booth, division of the booth into different zones is done to maximize efficiency. At the final stage, the project delivery date is approved and the entire work begins.

All-inclusive development

Our company also provides various additional services, such as renting furniture for a comfortable exhibition and a variety of floristry to create a favorable atmosphere. It is also available to rent equipment to create all the necessary conditions, such as refrigerators, racks, coolers, coffee machines, dishes and many other things.

Additional services

An important factor is the possibility to conclude a contract with a hostess with suitable language skills for the full event. Printing of polygraphy, video shooting of the exhibition and stand installation and many other additional services you can get in cooperation with our company.


A unique design made with an individual approach to each client will be your unique feature at any exhibition. Each stand is customized to each company and highlights their main characteristic features along with the least noticeable details. During the creation process - each stand is subjected to many approvals and undergoes various revisions according to the requested changes to achieve the best result.

Technical documentation

Our work involves obtaining many official papers and less important details. It is on our shoulders to secure, pass through and obtain all necessary documents, accreditations in accordance and coordination with the rules of each of the exhibition centers or exhibition organizers.

Contract conclusion

Documentation of design approval with organizers and the exhibition center, including certificates and approvals as required, as well as contracting and more.

Preparing and starting work

Each created stand goes through many important stages of creation. Preparation for creation and the beginning of work is performed after the creation of the terms of reference and approval of all revisions and features of the stand. Delivery of the entire project is carried out in accordance with the agreed design project and the contract created in advance, and in the final stage the signing of the certificate of completed work is performed.

Dismantling and nice bonuses

After the end of an exhibition, show or other event, the subsequent dismantling, transportation, storage, disposal and re-installation of the entire stand is carried out in accordance with the previously agreed conditions. Our company provides various pleasant bonuses from working with us and transfers them at its discretion to various customers.

Certificates and Letters of Recommendation

Our company will be glad to cooperate and work fruitfully on the basis of the given technical assignment, which will promote our brand and give a basis for further creation of exhibition stands of the best level. Good design does not just happen, it requires focused thinking, creativity and understanding, so we will be happy to cooperate and create something special for you.

Some may call it obsessive, but we call it organized! We will create and execute your advertising campaign on time and on budget, and keep you informed at every stage of the work.

We have already realized amazing projects in more than 20 countries around the world Our production coverage allows us to provide services for all CIS countries, Central Asia, Russian Federation, as well as throughout Eastern Europe.

We believe that our live experiences-and the way we evolve from them today-make us feel truly alive. We truly believe that the best way to enhance your organization's life in the minds of your audience is to engage with them through live events and activities. We were born in a city filled with art, ideas, music, food, theater, architecture and history; and We grew into a company with the same thirst for experimentation, innovation and creativity in creating sector-leading services for clients from around the world.


We often get a lot of questions regarding exhibitions, workflow and more and have decided to answer the most popular ones below.

It is important to realize that there are many factors that affect the pricing of a design. One of them is time. Of great importance are the terms within which it is necessary to realize the construction of the exhibition stand, because every detail of the stand and all stages of work should be thoroughly considered.
In addition to the time frame, the final price of the stand is influenced by the cost of materials, the total area of the structure, the presence and number of closed and semi-open rooms, the height of the walls, the shape of structures, and even the location of the exhibition, as it will depend on the additional fee set by each exhibition center in a particular country.
The earlier the customer contacts us with a request, the more favorable will be the final cost.

The first thing to do is to be clear about the purpose of participation. Some companies need it to maintain their image, to meet with their regular customers, and to attract potential customers. Other companies need it in order to attract the attention of the target audience, using the service of building an exclusive exhibition stand to attract special attention
An important factor is to have a plan for participation at the exhibition and training of staff to build fruitful cooperation with companies.

The design of the exhibition stand should fully reflect the ideology and policy of the company. In this aspect, a dialog between the designer and the company's management is very important in order for both parties to present their vision of the project and eventually come to a consensus.
First of all, the stand should be functional and justify every square meter, it should be convenient for negotiations. In addition to functionality, the external expression is of great importance, because it is what attracts the attention of potential customers.
Stand design should serve as a means of self-expression and reflect what exactly the company does.

Sometimes companies decide to participate in an exhibition at the last moment. Of course, this leads to additional expenses. How to avoid even more cost overruns and time wasting in such a case?
The answer is simple - be as frank as possible with the developer. If you have no idea what the stand should look like, say so directly. State how much you can spend on the exhibition.
Also tell the developer about the goals you want to achieve. This will allow you to get the most out of the exhibition, as the builder will be able to execute a booth aimed at achieving specific results, for example: You need to sign a memorandum with an important partner and fix it. Your builder takes this into account and specially allocates and designs an area for the memorandum signing. As a result, you save time because you don't have to redraw the design and the builder has more time to produce everything intended. ⠀
But the best solution for any company is to plan ahead to participate in an industry trade show! This is what most organizations do, and they always stay ahead.

An industry trade show can bring you maximum benefit if you prepare your company's staff for it. Top 5 tips for doing just that:

  • Conduct a selection process. Those employees who know everything about the company, its services and products should work at the exhibition; ⠀
  • Distribute responsibilities. For example, someone will filter the flow of visitors, another should be appointed stand manager, and the third, from among the executives, should conduct negotiations;
  • Consider a dress code. Your employees can be dressed in outfits that match the theme of the exhibition or the design of the stand, or maybe in simple business suits;
  • Attracting the wrong visitors. Who do you want to attract to your stand, prospective clients or reliable partners? If your target audience is not defined, there is a high probability that the wrong people will come to your stand.
  • Call potential clients in advance to schedule meetings. This will allow you to make the most of your time at the exhibition and regulate the operation of your stand;

And most importantly, train your staff on how to greet guests at the stand.

  • Wrong color combination and lack of lighting. A brightly colored stand will attract attention, but don't forget about your company's brand book. Also pay attention to lighting, as most often it is not enough;
  • Too much visual information. It is better to just use the company logo and slogan and convey the essence of your business than to mottle and confuse the client.
  • Inefficient use of space. Your developer needs to be not only creative but also practical. Every meter of space allocated should be utilized correctly;
  • Unnecessary elements. Don't add unnecessary objects to your booth, especially if you can't utilize them to attract visitors to your booth. Remember that each object should carry a meaningful load;

If you need a stand design that sells and you want to make the most of your participation in an industry exhibition, contact us!

As a rule, there is little time for installation - 1-2 days before the opening of the exhibition. Therefore, the work of the team must be coordinated.

An exhibition stand consists of many parts. Experienced specialists connect them right in the exhibition center, turning them into an impressive construction. But first, the future stand must be delivered to the site in one piece.
It is also important to remember that each exhibition has its own rules for mounting and dismantling structures. Experienced builders study them even before they start outlining the design.
If you need an exhibition stand built according to all the rules, we can help you with that! Our experience allows us to carry out installation of any construction for an exhibition in any country of the world as quickly and qualitatively as possible!

You have found a competent and creative builder, spent a lot of money on the design and construction of the stand, and successfully held an exhibition.

What to do with the stand next and can it be used again? In any case, for each exhibition, as a rule, the stand has to be built anew and here's why:

You will not be able to take a large-sized construction out of the exhibition center without dismantling it piece by piece. And after dismantling such an exhibition stand becomes unsuitable for reuse;
Even disassembled, the stand will take up too much space. And then, why store something that has become unusable? The appearance of the stand may vary depending on the budget allocated to the exhibition and other aspects.

If you participate in exhibitions 2-3 or more times a year, it is more profitable for you to use a reusable stand.
If you still want to use one stand for several years in a row, there is a way out! Our experts can draw and build a reusable stand for you. It can be easily disassembled and reassembled, but the cost of such structures will be more expensive.

If you are participating in an industry exhibition for the first time, one of the key points for you is the choice of a stand builder. So how to choose a stand builder and what to pay attention to?

  • Study your colleagues' recommendations, ask them who they contacted to build their booth and what results they got;
  • Remember whether the builders themselves contacted you and what impression you got from communicating with them, whether you liked their proposals;
  • Exhibition centers can also help with the search for a developer. They usually have accredited companies with a good track record;
  • Look at the websites and pages in social networks of those developers that you are interested in, carefully consider their portfolios;

Once you have found a builder, look for accreditation and, most importantly, experience. A stand can also be built by companies dealing with outdoor advertising, furniture, store decoration, etc. But if they have minimal experience of working at exhibitions, it can lead to conflict and unnecessary expenses.

Negotiate with the builders, detail your idea and pay attention to the design and estimates they will then provide you with."

If you intend to favorably present your company at an industry exhibition, then it is worth remembering the main rule: you need to take care of finding a place on the exhibition area in advance!
The earlier you apply for participation in the exhibition, the greater the number of stand location options will be available to you.

What can your exhibition stand be? It depends on its location, shape and size:

  • Linear or p-shaped stand - it is located in the same row with neighboring stands, open to view from one side only;
  • Corner stand - it allows to open the view from two sides, it is located at the end of the linear row;
  • Peninsula stand - it is located at the end of the row, open for viewing from three sides. It is suitable for demonstration of large-sized goods;
  • Stand-island - located in the most prominent places of Expocenters, visible to visitors from all sides. If it is designed correctly, it attracts the largest number of visitors.

We have already talked many times about how important a well thought-out booth is at an industry exhibition. What else is necessary for participation in an exhibition event to have an effect? Of course, we are talking about qualified standeers - specialists who will represent the company at the exhibition.


Stand holders - not just introduce visitors to the exhibitor's services and products, but are also the face of the company. Therefore, they should:

  • Greet visitors standing up and be sure to smile;
  • Be friendly with everyone who visits the stand, be able to answer any questions of the guests;
  • Express gratitude to visitors for their attention to the company;
  • Attract visitors to the stand and much more.⠀

If you need experienced booth builders, we can help you with your choice.

Participation in industry exhibitions costs money. They are paid both for the right to present the company at the event and for a high-quality exhibition stand. If it is thought out to the smallest detail, the investment will certainly pay off. A successful exhibition stand attracts the attention of visitors, contains information about the exhibitor's products or services, is made in accordance with the company's brand book and is well divided into zones (people are comfortable working on this stand, they do not interfere with each other and each separated place has its own value).

Here are just some of the techniques that will help make your booth successful, and therefore, well attended:

  • Adding moving elements;
  • Musical accompaniment;
  • Use of fragrances;
  • Involvement of promoters. Anything that can attract visitors and make you stand out!

Participation in industry exhibitions gives companies a lot of advantages. The main thing is to know how to use them. If you want your business to bring a solid income, and the company existed on the market for a long time and prospered, regular participation in exhibitions and fairs - this is exactly what you need.

Industry exhibitions will help:

  • Form a positive image of the enterprise;
  • Conduct a powerful advertising campaign;
  • Establish effective contacts with partners;
  • Recognize the weaknesses and strengths of competitors.

Our specialists will help you to create an exclusive and memorable exhibition stand.

  • Will create a creative stand design.
  • Will supervise the construction.
  • Provide exhibition equipment for rent.

Accreditation is compliance with the standards set by exhibition centers, organizers or other venues where the event takes place. Any exhibition stand builder must comply with the rules set by the venue where the work is taking place. When communicating with companies at exhibitions, many often complain about the organizers for the additional invoice and fines during the work of the installation team. This is due to the fact that, most often, your builder was not competent and did not pass accreditation, as a result, you pay for the mistakes of the builder. Most often, such builders did not work at exhibitions or simply decided to bypass the rules and gave a price lower than the rest - as a result, the exhibitors have to pay for all the errors incurred. All responsibility for additional costs associated with the production of the stand after the approval of the design project and estimates lies solely with your builder. Check if your builder is accredited - this will help you avoid unnecessary costs and risks."

Over the years we have developed clients for whom we have become partners and on whom they can entrust the work with the stand and related costs at trade fairs. Since the field of our activity extends beyond Uzbekistan, we provide services for our clients in Central Asia, Russia, Europe, UAE and other remote areas where our clients want to participate.

This is done in the following way: we are informed about the country, venue, date and everything else so that we can take into account the budget. Then our partners wait for us to find and provide them with a solution. We in turn handle logistics, accreditation, design and related costs. We then forward the solution to the client and get to work.

Our regular customers

For many years our company has been cooperating with companies from various fields and spheres. We are trusted by many corporations from many countries around the world. Turning to us - you get our most effective work and quality fulfillment of all necessary goals.

An international marketing campaign conducted by the Government of India since 2002 to promote and develop tourism in India on a global level.

As one of the first gas generator set manufacturers in the world, ACSA has maintained its superiority. AKSA is continually increasing its investment in technology to produce quieter, more environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient generators.

Bitek is one of the leading companies on the market selling paint, which we often use in our daily work with stands. The company wanted a design reminiscent of a home interior. The main goal was to make the stand practical and reusable. The result of our work was an award for the best design project.

TECHNA is one of the world's leading companies in the design and manufacture of cage equipment used in industrial poultry production. Since its foundation, ТЕХНА products have won the recognition of agrarians in more than 20 countries of the world. Cage equipment produced under the TEXNA brand is popular among agro-industrialists in Europe and Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Captivating and fascinating design made in a modest, but stylish and pleasant decoration created a cozy area filled with Uzbek spirit. The bright combination of styles and colors created an atmosphere of spiritual Uzbekistan and its special style.

The stand was designed in the style and spirit of Uzbekistan and folk customs. Famous styles of ornamentation, multimedia works, many different booklets and areas on the stand were customized according to the technical order and became a pearl at the ongoing exhibition.

Despite the small area, the main task for us was to make our stand stand stand out among the large stands of our competitors. The result of the exhibition was an award for the best design project at the MiningMetals international exhibition.

Despite the small area, the main task for us was to make our stand stand stand out among the large stands of our competitors. The result of the exhibition was an award for the best design project at the MiningMetals international exhibition.

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